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Technical business strategy
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Hyperfine Strategy Group

We are a premier technical strategy consultancy giving confidence and competitive advantage to our clients.

Data, BizTech, Apps


We help our clients navigate the complexity of data management by providing data insights to support customer success, as well as enhancing product and company performance.


We recognize how technology enables and enhances new business strategies, focusing on the application of technology means to business ends.


We partner with Component Kitchen to provide implementation support for new web technologies that are driving the adoption of browser-based applications.

Hyperfine’s virtuous cycle of confidence, performance and success is the precision troika every company needs to pull away from the pack. We’re proud to partner with Hyperfine to deliver authentic strategic positioning that accelerates that pulling away and staying ahead in this new digital world.
— Nick Copping, Zoom Marketing

Through customized research, advice, architecture, prototyping, and business planning, we help our clients and their teams cultivate business confidence they can use to their competitive market advantage. We provide the How.

When our clients need to tell their story to their customers, our partners at Zoom Marketing provide strategic positioning to help them communicate the What.

 Research shows that regardless of demographic or business model,  confidence  impacts every other psychological contributor to successful performance in business.

Research shows that regardless of demographic or business model, confidence impacts every other psychological contributor to successful performance in business.

We believe in confidence as a crucial self-sustaining cycle that feeds successful leaders and businesses.


  • Regardless of demographic or business model, as confidence increases so does business success.
  • Confidence is a learned skill which can be cultivated through education and preparation.
  • Confidence is a reliable predictor of success.


  • We act as a trusted partner to clients, providing ongoing support via a wide network of associates. 
  • We educate clients in the problem spaces, eliminating doubt by replacing it with knowledge.
  • We provide clients with proof of concept and prototypes as well as blueprints for next steps.