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Technical business strategy
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About Hyperfine Strategy Group

Who we are

Hyperfine Strategy Group's partners and associates bring together broad technical strategy experience from their diverse backgrounds, coming from companies including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and DirectTV.

About us

We collectively bring together a wide network of domain expertise including data, web app development, and technical-business integration.

Tied to an expanding  network of associates and business partners, we build  a bigger brain around the problem space, delivering expert insights and actionable strategies to our clients.

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What we do


We analyze through initial research, finding the real question behind the questions we’ve heard, and guide our clients through targeted research across categories of product, company, market, and technology.


We bring decades of practical experience in data management and analysis, web technologies and applications, and business and product development. We team up with industry experts spanning dozens of markets and industries.


Our value is rooted in experience and our overlapping, broad domain knowledge. We connect strategic dots others don’t see, giving knowledge-based confidence to our clients so they can leverage their own creativity and imagine new business possibilities.


We deliver concrete blueprints of well researched, actionable strategies, giving our clients confidence in their expanded knowledge and understanding. The overall result is a strategic advantage over their competitors.

How we help

Hyperfine Strategy Group employs a five-step process, helping customers discover the deeper nature of their business and strategy questions, validating the problem space through research, building actionable blueprints, delivering results, and guiding customers toward final implementation.


1. Discover the real question: Discovery Sessions take the form of one or two consultations where we guide the customer toward communicating the core questions behind their articulated queries. We don’t expect our clients to speak the language of technology. We hear the business concerns tied to questions about technology.

2. Validate the problem space: We determine whether and how we can help solve the problem. We perform due diligence through research into the technical and business problem space. We provide a Statement of Work which we refine, if necessary, over time in collaboration with the customer.

3. Create the blueprint: We begin our work in earnest. We select relevant associates from diverse technical and business backgrounds, conduct industry interviews, gather data, build prototypes where helpful, and collaborate with the customer as needed. We continuously validate our assumptions and findings.

4. Deliver the results: We provide a range of deliverables in a final strategy blueprint guided by the project, including written reports, architectural diagrams, planning charts, prototypes, and presentations. We present the solution in a way that is consumable; we rewrite the technical story for our clients so that it is relevant and understandable.

5. Guide the implementation: When we deliver a blueprint we don’t walk away and expect the client to build a house; we work with the customer in extending the Statement of Work to allow ongoing access to our guidance according to their need, or we point them in the right direction to people who can help them implement their results.