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Rob Bearman | Hyperfine Strategy Group

Rob Bearman

Rob’s value is in recognizing and understanding high-level technical architectures and stitching together various systems of technology.

He has product development experience with front-end web systems, specializing in new approaches and frameworks including web components, service workers, functional reactive programming models, web workers, and progressive web application strategies.

He has also built back-end servers with Node.js, Amazon AWS, and ASP.NET, tied to both structured and unstructured database systems such as SQL Server and MongoDB.

This full stack knowledge gives him extensive expertise when it comes to big picture application development. His ability to architect applications from both the server-side and UI/design perspectives uniquely positions him to advise on the best tools and technologies for data management, APIs, modern websites and apps.

Rob provides experience and insights into a broad range of technologies and architectures that allow Hyperfine Strategy Group to provide broader context to narrower data, analysis, and machine learning concerns through an understanding of how data strategies can expand into wider, more fully developed ecosystems.